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A Biblical Defence


This 368-page paperback is an in-depth Biblical defense of our Sanctuary beliefs as given in Daniel, Leviticus, Revelation, and Hebrews. It also has 4 Indexes. —At last - a solid Biblical defense of those beliefs which are the very foundation of our faith. This single, very readable book provides you with a strong defense of the historic truths in the books of Daniel and Hebrews, which are being increasingly denied.
These doctrinal beliefs about our prophetic Sanctuary message form the bedrock of our faith, and were treasured by our Advent forefathers. These foundation beliefs have been increasingly opposed and rejected. In this book, each of these beliefs is defended, point by point, from the Bible and history. The objective of this book is solely to establish you in your historic faith!

If confronted by a question, you can easily locate the disputed passage in this book and read the Biblical defense for our beliefs. Thousands of Bible references. Four indexes to help you find things. This book needs to be widely circulated among our people. Give copies to pastors, church schoolteachers, and local church leaders. 368 pages.

Price: £2.00

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