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Great Controversy Multimedia DVD


This Multi Media Program, based on the international best-selling book, "The Great Controversy", is a powerful evangelistic tool and personal resource program designed for students, teachers, pastors' families... everyone! It is also for those who desire to publically share the vital issues of Christian history in the context of present global developments.
· Nearly 1000 high quality images
· 14 Classic Reformation Hymns
· 15 Slide Shows
· 15 Bible Studies
· Historic Timelines covering1800 years
· 16 Video Clips
· 'The Great Controversy' Study Guide
· 23 Biographies of Reformers

....and more

It is not so much the object of this CD / DVD to present new truths concerning struggles of former times, as to bring out the facts and principles which have a bearing on coming events. When viewed as a part of the controversy between the forces of light and darkness, these records of the past clearly shed light upon the imminent future.

To unfold the scenes of the great controversy between truth and error; to reveal the wiles of the Devil, and the means by which he may be successfully resisted; to present a satisfactory solution to the great problem of evil; to make fully manifest the justice and benevolence of God, is the object of this CD/DVD. That through its influence souls may be delivered from the power of darkness is the earnest prayer of the producers.

Biographies: The Biographies are designed to help you to become familiar with the main characters in "The Great Controversy" and the work that they accomplished. The Biographies are not designed to be shown to the audience but to be read for personal edification or by the presenter prior to giving a Slide Show presentation. This extra information will help you, as the presenter, glean more insights into the lives of the Reformers and can make your presentation really come alive.

The Biographies are in two sections; the main Reformers and minor Reformers. The minor Reformers are so called not because they are less important than the major ones, but because they are less well known.

Historical: The information presented here is from a wide range of sources, most of which is documented, especially that which is controversial. Information that is considered of lesser importance has been left undocumented. This Historical Information section shares knowledge of places, such as the Vatican, as well as subjects, such as the Mass. Although it is not considered comprehensive, it nevertheless provides useful background information to become familiar with, especially before giving a presentation.

It should be noted that this Historical Information has been included in order to provide the setting, or context, for understanding important principles and truths. It is these principles and truths themselves that take precedence in importance.

Overviews: This section is divided into four parts: Study Guide, Main Events, Themes, Lessons and Principles and Historical Timeline.

The Study Guide contains questions and answers on each of the first fifteen chapters of the book. It is an invaluable tool in discovering how well you have understood the vital truths of each chapter.

The Main Events section simply provides a short summary of the main events in each chapter.

The Themes, Lessons and Principles section is invaluable in understanding the most important points in each chapter. This section provides vital preparation for any serious presenter.

The Historical Timeline covers a period of nearly 1800 years with clear illustrations showing all the main events impacting Christendom since the death of Christ up to the French Revolution.

Slide Shows: The fifteen Slide Shows are based on each of the first fifteen chapters of the book. They are designed without a script, the reason being that this will encourage you to make your own individualized message, and avoid being a mere reflector of the producers' thoughts. Most of the pictures are labelled but the ones that are not can be easily found and identified in the Pictures section.

It is very important that before presenting a Slide Show you first read the relevant chapter in "The Great Controversy". We recommend reviewing the contents of the chapters by referring to the Overviews section where the Main Events and Themes, Lessons and Principles are a great asset in getting really familiar with the material. You can even work through the Study Guide to be really well prepared for your audience.

Each Slide Show takes about 30 minutes to present and can be followed up with the relevant Bible Study. This reinforces the truths that have been covered by prooving them from the Bible.

The Picture section contains just under 1000 professional quality digital photographs taken at locations throughout Europe. All the pictures have direct relevance to sites and events featured in "The Great Controversy".

Preview of Images

Truth Triumphant Productions©

Kings College Cambridge University Westminister Abbey, London St Mary's Parish Church, Luttworth England

Warthary Castle, Germany
Luther's House, Wittenberg Luther before the Diet at Worms

Pagan Solarwheel St Peter's, Rome Pantheon and Obelisk, Rome
College of the Barbs, Pradel Torno

Commemoration of the persecution of the Waldensian Christians Waldensian Church, Tome Pellice Colosseum, Rome

Huss before the Pope Bethlehem Chapel, Pragre St. Andrews Castle, Scotland

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