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Inside Rock Music


Inside Rock Music: 192 pgs. We are going to take you on stage - back stage - and into the lives of the rockers. We will examine their lyrics - and how the captivating tonal elements in the music are fitted together. We will discover why rock music affects people so powerfully - and how it changes those who play it and listen to it.

We will learn what makes rock so captivating to the senses - and listen to men and women who tell how it changed their lives. We will also discover how it originated 3,000 years ago - and the purpose it has been used for ever since. We will learn when and how it penetrated Christian churches - and what has happened to them since.

We will read about how 280 rock stars died and what killed them. It is all here - the whole story of Rock Music and related musical forms - and the demonic forces behind the scenes, capturing and destroying human beings.

Price: £2.00

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