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My Bible School CD Rom


This CD is for adults, teenagers, or early teens. It could also be used in a home school. 1 - COMPLETE FAMILY BIBLE STUDIES—Using Harvestime’s excellent Bible Course book, Family Bible Studies we have developed an entire Bible School all on a single CD-ROM! This CD has all that you need, regardless of whether you want to (1) study these lessons for yourself, (2) provide in a very attractive form an excellent doctrinal foundation of basic Bible studies for your older children, or (3) conduct your own Bible School. Your correspondence school can either be in the homes of neighbors, or in a mail-out arrangement to folk living at a distance.
The Bible School CD has the full 31 lessons in web format, illustrated with hundreds of excellent pictures. For each of the 31 lessons there is also a true story section with Exciting true stories to press home the message of each lesson. Especially attractive for children, adults love these stories too.

2 - POWER POINT SLIDE SHOW—We have also included in this CD a complete high-resolution Power Point slide show for each of the 31 lessons. These slide shows can be shown on your own PC for yourself, your family or even invite friends and have Bible Study meetings. Many people take their lap-top computers right into homes and show these slideshows as they present the Bible lessons to interests. Even folk in Africa and India are using this method and these very slideshows are already being shown in churches.

3 - FAMILY BIBLE STUDIES IN PDF E-BOOK—We have also placed on this single CD—the entire Family Bible Studies book in a PDF e-book, which can either be read, or used to print free copies of the book!

Just as you will find in Family Bible Studies, the printable form of each of the 31 lessons includes both the 31 full-length Bible studies, as well as the short two-page, fill-in-the-blanks version. You can easily print out which pages you need and make copies to use as handouts.

4 - FULL INSTRUCTIONS ON GIVING BIBLE STUDIES—Also included is all the valuable guidance from the back of our Family Bible Studies on how to find interests for Bible studies, how to give Bible studies, how to answer objections, how to bring them to decisions, extra lesson supplements, and much more. A group could get together and, from the back of the book, learn how to give Bible Studies, —and then take this CD out and give them!

In summary, this is a complete Bible School study tool.

All these lessons are in KJV Authorized Version only! As you know, it is becoming quite difficult today to find worthwhile Bible studies in the KJV.

5 - ENTIRE TEXT OF THE KJV—In addition, the text of the entire KJV Bible is also included on this CD in 2 formats: PDF and also RTF!

Price: £10.00

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