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The Great Controversy Multi-Lingual Cd Rom


GREAT CONTROVERSY IN MANY LANGUAGES—Here is the Great Controversy in many of the most important languages—and all on one CD. The material is from our website: http://www.great-controversy.org
It has been placed on this CD-ROM for your convenience in printing the included multi-language portions of Great Controversy, as well as to aid those who either do not have internet access or cannot afford it.

This single CD includes the entire Great Controversy in 19 languages, as follows: 1888 or 1911 edition: English, Czech, Chinese, German, Spanish, Korean, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Hungarian, Condensed Swahili. 1884 edition: English, Dutch, Croatian, Serbian. 1858 edition: E-books in English, Japanese, Russian, Nepali, Hindi, and Polish. 2 - HEART OF GREAT CONTROVERSY—The 3 most crucial chapters of Great Controversy (chapters 29, 3, & 25, in that order) in more than 26 languages. These portions can easily be printed for distribution. 3 - 1884 EDITION IN AUDIO—Audio MP3 is included for the 1884 Great Controversy. (But your computer must be able to play MP3s.)

3 - OTHER BOOKS AND ARTICLES—Also included on this CD are a wealth of articles and books about the writer (EGW), as well as the complete story of the writing of her most important book, Great Controversy.

Price: £10.00

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